Tornado Cube
Tornado Cube
Tornado Cube
Tornado Cube

Tornado Cube

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Most Cube Magic revolves around solving the cube, but is there one that revolves around spinning it?

Tornado cube is the long-awaited answer to introduce a brand new effect to the cube magic. Following the footsteps of cube in bottle, it breaks through the stereotype of cube magic by being neither a matching nor solving effect.

From the minds of Dima Polyakov and Henry Harrius, Tornado cube allows you to spin your cube on your fingertip at high velocity and without difficult sleight of hand. With its cleverly designed gimmick that you can now install into your RD cubes, your spectators can examine both before and after the effect.

The product line of RD is always about offering a huge array of cube effects for magicians to mix and match their personalized cube routine. Needless to say, tornado cube is no exception. You can now combine this neat little flourish with all your other existing cube effects.

This can be performed on its own or serve as acaptivating opener to your favorite cube routine.

Each set comes with everthing you need to perform the effect including:
1. Specially-Made Gimmick (adjustable for all hand sizes)
2. Velvet bag (for the gimmick)
3. Stickers
4. Screwdriver
5. Tutorial Card

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