Gravity Box
Gravity Box

Gravity Box

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With this box you will force even the strongest person to their knees! A volunteer is asked to come forward to take part in a small experiment. On your table is a wooden box measuring 20x20 cm. Your volunteer is asked to lift the box, which is easy, and estimate how heavy it is. It doesn't matter what weight he mentions, everyone sees that it is not difficult to lift the box. Then he is asked to repeat the procedure with a silk cloth! Is that meant to be a joke? Of course a grown, strong person can also lift a silk cloth! Now comes the astounding part. You put the silk cloth in the box and maintain that the box is now so heavy that it can no longer be lifted! The volunteer will smile - and then try to lift the box. Regardless of how much he strains and pulls, he will find it impossible to lift the box even one centimetre. Terrific to watch. Currently the market's magic sensation. As soon as you remove the cloth from the box, the spell is broken and the box is again as light as it was.

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