Perfect Match
Perfect Match

Perfect Match

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Duplication of events, colourfully presented with a spectator and without the sometimes boring part of mental tricks like counting, calculating, fishing, and without difficult moves such as forcing or palming!

You show two completely normal transparent tubes each mounted on a thin base, and two sleeves tastefully finished in black and silver, but not otherwise prepared in any way. You take a folded paper bag from your jacket pocket, and show it from all sides.
A spectator chooses a tube and sleeve (no force). The spectator slips the sleeve over his tube and puts it down, far away from you, and then he does the same with your tube.

You then produce 8 balls, 2 of which are the same colour in each case, i.e. two red, two yellow, two blue and two green. The balls are put in the paper bag and thoroughly mixed. During this mixing process and also during the whole presentation you hold the bag so high that nobody can look into it from above.

The spectator and you now take turns in secretly removing a ball from the bag. When doing this, the ball is completely hidden in the hand while it is still in the bag so that neither of you know which colour the other has drawn. Each of you place the ball in your respective tubes, which are hidden from view by the sleeves.

This procedure is repeated until all balls have been taken out of the bag. The remaining balls in the bag are thoroughly mixed before each “draw” by vigorous shaking.

The only thing that the spectators are sure of at this point of the experiment is that each one of you has four balls in your respective tubes. But how are the colours distributed, and in what order are they?? Considering the countless possible combinations that result from two pairs and four colours, the chances of a coincidence are rather remote.

Nevertheless, the first big surprise comes next: The spectator lifts the sleeve off his tube for everyone to see: The spectator has one ball of each colour in his tube. Without any manipulation, you also lift the sleeve off your tube – the second cracker: The balls that you put in the tube without looking at them are in exactly the same colour sequence as those in the spectator’s tube.

Important for you: You really don’t have to force or calculate anything. The presentation can be performed equally well in a small circle or in front of a larger audience. The two tubes can and should be placed as far apart as possible to make sure that no-one knows what the other is doing – and the whole trick is performed, of course, without spectators in the know.

Overall height of tubes with base is about 18 cm, the balls have a diameter of about 38 mm, which is just right for them to be completely hidden in the hand.
The trick is supplied with all accessories, i.e. with the tubes, the sleeves, an elegant bag and, particularly important: a logical story line which explains the action, which is actually meaningless, in a plausible manner and makes such a wonderful trick an unforgettable experience for the audience.

Comes with two professional routines, one for childrens entertainers, written by Jemermy le Podevin, the other one for shows in front of adults!

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