Silver Odyssey

Silver Odyssey

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Make your coin magic play big - even on stage!

The magician displays four coins on a stand so everyone can see. them clearly. On the opposite side of the table, the magicians places a shot glass and covers this with a larger glass turned upside down. Both of these glasses and all the coins can be examined. There is no way to sneak anything into the shot glass without first lifting the larger glass. In the cleanest manner possible, the first coin is vanished, and both hands are shown completely empty. Inexplicably, the coin visually and audibly rematerializes inside the covered shot glass! Since this may have taken the audience by surprise, the magician repeats this three more times, and they can stare at the glass as the coins reappear.

 This is the modern-classic Copenetro taken to new heights. With the standard Copenetro prop, the glasses must be placed on a wooden base, and this base needs to be held by the magician or an assistant. With Silver Odyssey, everything is remote controlled. You can stand far away from the glass when the coins appear, and you have complete control over the exact moment that the coin appears. This is a one-person, hands-off, visual masterpiece, and a huge step forward in the coins to glass plot.

You receive:

  • Gimmicked Tray
  • Shot Glass
  • Larger Glass
  • Coin Stand
  • Protective Case

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