Daily Schedule

for Tannen's Magic Camp

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8:00 AM

Wake up happens each morning at 8am. You’ll have 45 minutes to get up, shower, and do your morning routine before everyone heads over to the dining hall for breakfast.

8:45 AM

Campers and staff will walk over together to the dining hall for a Breakfast buffet. You'll have plenty of time to eat as well as jam with your friends. Magic Camp is the favorite week for much of the dining staff, as they love watching students perform their new tricks.

10:00 AM

Your magic day starts with Class where you’ll focus on either Close-Up or Stage magic (your choice) taught by professional magicians. This is where you’ll learn secrets to tricks and sleights from our teachers, such as Danny Garcia, Kostya Kimlat, or Derek Hughes.

12:30 PM

After classes, you will go to Lunch. You’ll have an hour to eat lunch, and you'll combine with your friends from other classes, so it's a great time to compare notes and share new tricks.

1:30 PM

The entire camp comes together after lunch to learn something different every day during the Lecture. Previous lecture topics have included magic on TV, a Skype Q&A with David Copperfield, and professional magicians teaching routines from their repertoires. Each day's lecture is different from the day before, and there's something for everyone, no matter where your interest may lie.

3:00 PM

Break Out is one of two short breaks during the day. It’s a time to jam with friends and counselors, take a short nap, grab a snack in the canteen, or just have some time to take a short break from magic.

4:00 PM

Following the Lecture is a Workshop. We offer new and different workshops every year, but past topics have included comedy writing, restaurant magic, the business of magic, cardistry, creating your own magic, mentalism, and performing children's shows. You can either sign up for a topic you already love, or you can pick something new to broaden your horizons.

5:45 PM

Dorm time is another short break in your day to relax, reset, and rest before dinner and the evening show.

6:15 PM

Dinner time is in the cafeteria again, and it's also a good time to make new friends and discuss your day.

7:30 PM

After dinner is our special Evening Show. Every night, you are treated to a world class performance in a beautiful theater where no seat is more than 25 feet from the stage! Tannen’s has built a roster of the most in demand entertainers that have appeared on shows like America’s Got Talent, sold out the largest arenas in the world, and racked up millions of views on YouTube. In the Evening Show you’ll see the instructors and special guests performing every genre of magic from close-up to stage and from comedy magic to mentalism.

10:30 PM

After debriefing with your fellow campers, you should really go to bed. You’ll need a lot of energy to do the whole thing again tomorrow (and for the entire week), so get some sleep, and we’ll see you in the morning!

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