Apparition (Eisenhower Dollar)
Apparition (Eisenhower Dollar)
Apparition (Half Dollar)

Apparition (Eisenhower Dollar)

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Apparition is the brand new coin set by Craig Petty.

Roy Kueppers has crafted this set to Craig's exact specifications and the coins are beautiful! Add to this the custom manufactured and gimmicked coin purse and you have a seriously visual piece of magic which can be performed in your spectators hands!

Apparition uses an Eisenhower Dollar and a Dollar sized Chinese coin, so the coins are big and the visuals are BIG!

With this custom set you can perform the cleanest and most visual transpositions (the perfect quick fire routine for mix and mingle style events) as well as a host of other killer routines.


Phase One

Both the Chinese and the Dollar coin are examined. The Dollar coin is placed on the table while the Chinese coin is held if your fist. You now wave the purse over the Dollar coin and it instantly changes places with the Chinese coin! You've really got to see the reaction this gets... Their jaws hit the floor!

Phase Two

You say you're going to make it easier for them to follow, so you take the Chinese coin and pop it away in to your pocket. Now they only have the Dollar coin to keep track of. You take the Dollar coin which vanishes at your fingertips only to appear back under the purse! You take it again but this time you place it in your pocket and once again it appears under the purse! Now they can clearly see the Dollar coin on the table, your hands are empty. You pick up the purse and wave it over the Dollar coin and it instantly changes into the Chinese coin! You reach in to your pocket (with an empty hand) and remove the Dollar coin.

Phase Three

You place the Chinese coin in your spectators closed fist and place the Dollar coin on the back of their fist. Now with just a wave of the purse the Dollar instantly changes places with the Chinese coin!!

This really is a powerhouse of a routine which contains so many great moments of magic and the best part is it's super easy to do. The entire choreography means the coins are getting examined before, during and after and Craig has eliminated almost every single sleight!

But that's only one routine explained in this set. There are so many more!

  • Transpo
  • Double Transpo
  • Chop
  • Nardi's Transpo
  • Advanced Transpo
  • Coin Flip Prediction
  • Smith Meets Goldstein
  • Penetrate
  • Free Will Coins Across
  • Shrink
  • Pete's Prediction
  • Pocket Coin
  • Pocket Matrix

Craig's Apparition Coin Set is a killer combination of gaffs that allow you to perform so many moments of visual coin magic!

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