By Choice & by Chance

By Choice & by Chance

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You give the spectator a dictionary containing thousands of words and a couple of dice. The directions are simple...A word will be chosen by choice and by chance. The chance consists of rolling the dice to get any random numbers. Then the choice comes into play...the spectator can use those number in several ways. For example if they rolled a 5 and a 4, they could add those numbers and turn to page 9. They could put them together one way and turn to page 45 or put them together another way and turn to page 54....or they could roll them again and start with new numbers.

Heck they don't even need real dice! They can just imagine the numbers that come up!

Whatever they choose, they open the book to the selected page and think of the first word on the page. The magician concentrates and writes down his prediction. The spectator names their word and, lo and behold, they are a perfect match!

Very easy, very effective, and a steal at this price! No tough stuff or memory work. Always a different word and all the props easily fit into the inside pocket of almost any suit coat. A super off beat effect for strolling magicians. Comes complete....dictionary, dice, note pad, and full instructions!

We made a prediction. You will like these products.

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