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An old classic reimagined - The perfect attention getter for casual or professional performances!

The magician shows a brass tube and inserts a cocoa bean, a dime, and some sugar. After capping the tube and heating it up as a catalyst to the alchemy, the spectator dumps a Hershey's Kiss! And for the big finish, even more Hershey's Kisses are dumped out. In fact, there are so many that they can't all fit in the tube!

Many of you will recognize the prop in use as the classic Pea Can. To say that the standard presentation for the Pea Can (as popularized by Heba Haba Al) doesn't fit most performers would be a major understatement. So when Scotty York designed his routine, he made a couple of huge improvements. First, he applied his master craftsman skills to designing the highest quality Pea Can in existence. Second, he completely changed the effect into a charming piece of magic that will delight audiences of any age in any performance context.

Candy Kiss is easy to do, and it leaves your spectator with a great souvenir. The beautifully machined prop does almost all of the work for you. This is a perfect trick to leave on a shelf at home or your desk at work, so your friends, family, or coworkers will see it and ask you what it's for, launching you into a memorable performance!

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