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Card Magic of LePaul
by Paul LePaul

LePaul is one of the greatest manipulative magicians ever to practice the art of pleasant deception. His magic has such polish and glamor that, in describing it, all the glowing terms of the most gifted press agent rightfully may be used.

Much of LePaul's prowess in magic is due to his sound thinking in selecting exactly the right sleight for each feat he performs. He is able to do this because of an extremely wide knowledge of methods in magic and because of an exceptional ingenious capability for devising new methods and revitalizing old ones. In its pages, LePaul also discloses the secrets of several tricks with which he has delighted and completely bewildered countless persons.

Intended for the advanced card worker, this book is heavily illustrated to explain some of the more difficult sleights. You will learn; The Pass, Side Steal, Palming, Double-Lift, Changes, False Dealing, False Shuffles and more.

Paul then teaches many great tricks using these sleights. The book is considered one of the most valuable texts on card sleights. It should be a part of any serious card workers library.

Illustrated with 313 photos. 220 pages; Softbound.

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