Catch Me & Win
Catch Me & Win

Catch Me & Win

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An underground routine is finally available again!

Gene Maze was part of the New York City magic underground, and he was best known for his gambling routines and sleights. One of his best creations, Catch Me and Win, is finally available with the full routine and props.

A black base is displayed with three pegs sticking up. A metal chain is then wrapped around the pegs in such a way that when pulled, it will only catch on one peg. When the audience member makes their choice, you have complete control over whether they win or lose!

This routine takes all the presentational elements, hooks, and come-ons from the three-card monte or shell game, except there are no sleights in the entire routine! The beautiful wooden board draws interest in a manner that cards or bottle caps simply don't, and the props are 100% examinable.

Because of the versatility of this method, you choose to have the spectator win or lose any time you want! If you like to explore presentations, this leaves you with tons of options: instead of a con game, present this as the question of who is smarter, kids or their parents, and have a child always win while their parent always loses. Or use it to teach a spectator to tap into their own intuition.

If you'd prefer to stick to the routine, you get to watch multiple performances from Harry Lorayne, Meir Yedid, and Gene Maze, as well as an in-depth tutorial on the entire sleight-less routine. 

The new Sintra edition includes:

  • A (4.75" x 6.5" x .75") Sintra PVC Base with Felt Legs
  • Three steel posts
  • A gold aluminum chain
  • A link to an online tutorial

Comes complete with everything you need to perform the routine. The base, the pegs, and the chain. The video tutorial includes Meir Yedid performing and teaching his routine, Harry Lorayne performing and teaching Gene’s routine, and a very early and rare video of Gene Maze performing his original routine before it was ever published.

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