Charlie Miller Lecture Notes

Charlie Miller Lecture Notes

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Charlie Miller (1909-1989) is one of the finest sleight of hand magicians of all time. These are the lecture notes for a lecture he gave at Magic, Inc. in 1967. He offers great insight into the art of magic, presentation, routining and audience management. He also teaches several great tricks. Illustrated by Jay Marshall. Photographs by Roy Krizan.


  • Foreword
  • General Remarks
  • Cashing a Check (Trick)
  • Miser's Dream or Money Catching
  • Cups Balls
  • Ring on the Stick
  • Ring Off the Stick
  • Rope Routine
  • Torn and Restored Paper
  • Card Tricks
  • Zens Card Trick
  • The General Card
  • Intrigue Tricks
  • Catching a Chosen Card
  • My routine Outlined
  • Brief Biography
Softcover booklet, 28 pages.

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