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One Chest. One Deck. One Envelope. One Card.

The Chest of Nostradamus, invented by Jos Denys of Belgium. 

Effect: A small wooden box is suspended from a wire or from the magician's finger. A spectator names a number between 1 and 52. Without a false move, the box is placed on the table, and the spectator opens the box. Inside is an envelope containing a single card as a prediction. The spectator can remove the deck from the box and deal face up to their named number, and the card they land on matches the prediction card exactly!

  • The number is not forced, and it works 100% of the time
  • No sleight of hand whatsoever
  • No memorized deck
  • Only one envelope is used, and there is only one card in the envelope
  • The magician never touches the deck, which is a completely normal deck with no duplicates
  • The box is completely examinable

You receive the beautiful solid walnut chest with golden chains, a deck of Bicycle cards (but you can substitute any deck you like), sample envelopes, and special gimmick plus complete detailed instructions. Chest is supplied with custom fitted red velvet draw-string pouch.

The chest measures: 4 3/8″ wide x 4″ deep x 3 1/4″ high

This is a brand new method that will stump laymen and magicians alike. This routine does NOT use a memorized deck. After you perform this trick, you're left with an un-gimmicked and un-stacked deck that you can use to perform your favorite card routines with, or even give the deck away to your audience. The Chest of Nostradamus is one of the few tricks in magic where the method is even more ingenious than the effect!

Note: Chest of Nostradamus is a hand-made item, and due to the time it takes to make, it is not eligible for discounts.

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