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Close Up: The Real Secrets of Magic
by David Stone

Become a First-Rate Close-Up Performer with this indispensable Guide.

A Goldmine of Hints for the Pros

The real secrets of professional magicians are NOT their routines! If you want to be a pro, you don?t need another book of tricks; you need a guide through his world of professional close-up magic!

Do you want to make more money as a close-up magician with higher pay and bigger tips? Within these pages you will discover how to:

* Perform your opening trick with maximum impact
* Establish yourself as an authority of any event.
* Get spectators to ask you for your business card.
* Instantly spot the most lucrative tables.

Hundreds of Tips, Hints, and Tricks of the Trade

How to approach a table ? Set the stage for a great performance ? The perfect moment to cut in for the best effect ? 6 steps to making a classy exit ? Strong lines designed to elicit applause ? The best time to promote your magic ? What to do about a request for an encore ? how to get tips?

Learn the Real Secrets of Magic with a book full of concrete advice, funny anecdotes and pointers!

Pages 397 - Softbound

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