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With Coinnect, you can appear to defy the laws of physics and create magnetic fields with a borrowed quarter. The Coinnect gimmick takes up little pocket space, and when you carry it with you you'll be ready to perform a three-phase visual miracle that looks and feels unlike any other coin trick.

Here’s what happens:

First, the magician rubs two quarters on their shirt to apparently apply a little static to the coins. When the two coins are brought close together they click together with an audible snap but fall back apart at the magician’s command. When the coins are then brought together again, the magician holds the coins at the edge with their fingertips showing that there is no way they could be secretly pinching the coins together. In the final phase, the spectator is allowed to feel that the coins are truly connected by holding the coins by their edges before the magician magically separates them for the final time.

Along with the durable gimmick, you will receive video instruction from creator Seth Race on his personal routine. Coinnect is easy to do and perfect for beginners or working pros. The best magic happens in the spectator's hands, as is the case with Coinnect.

"Seth has created a great visual quickie that you can do with a borrowed quarter. Fun magic with borrowed objects. Doesn’t get better than that!" - Nathan Kranzo

"Combine a believable plot and Seth's creative methodology and you get Coinnect." - Tim Trono

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