Comedy Spring Wand

Comedy Spring Wand

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We predict that this new and highly versatile comedy spring wand will become more popular than the well-known “breakaway wand”. You receive a harmless looking magic wand with silver end caps which you handle like a “normal” magic wand; but the wand has a secret, it is completely flexible, which makes it just great for amazing gags.

You can produce the magic wand (about 12mm diameter and 35cm long) from your trouser pocket or a small purse. Hand the magic wand to an assistant and let it spin like the rotor of a helicopter in the process. Mould the wand into a cell phone, a horn, rabbit’s ears, a snorkel or periscope. If that doesn’t appeal to you, you might prefer to use the wand as an expander for muscle training, if the member of the audience is unable to open the (trick) scissors; or you mould yourself a beard like Lao Tse’s or Abraham Lincoln’s. We supply a few ideas with the wand, you will think of many more when you actually hold the wand in your hands. The important point is to always comment on the objects you create: For example, if a trick seems to go wrong, you mould a cell phone and say: I must call my mum to see if she knows what I have to do next. If a spectator comes too late: You make a telescope – I’ll check to see if I can find a seat for you. Use it as a pistol if a loud member of the audience interrupts your act.

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