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Note: The cards you will receive reflect the American Monopoly properties.

Chris Congreaves's Conopoly is a fantastic multi prediction mentalism effect using something everyone knows.

The effect seems free and fair yet the outcome is 100% guaranteed, with three amazing prediction reveals.


Sixteen property cards are laid out, an envelope is handed to a spectator for safe keeping, a prediction card is placed facedown on the table and four game tokens are introduced. 

Spectator one is handed a token and asked to place it on any property on the top row. Once they have made their selection all the other properties in the same row and column are eliminated. Spectator two is handed a game token and asked to choose from the second row and once again all the other properties in the same row and column are eliminated. This is repeated with spectators three & four. Now that all four choices have been made you show the rental value of all the elimited cards and of course they are all different.

Reveal One

One of your spectators is given the task of adding up the rental values of the chosen properties. The prediction card that has been on the table from the very start is turned over to reveal the exact same total!!

Reveal Two

You now ask another spectator to add up the combined mortgage value of the chosen properties.  You have the spectator who is holding holding the envelope to take out the play money and count it. Once again you have predicted the total exactly!

Reveal Three

You now turn over the four selections and prove that even though they had a free choice of properties to choose you knew beforehand who would choose what!

Conopoly is such a hard hitting effect that really looks innocent. 

Just watch the video to see the full performance. Conopoly is a great effect to perform in those sit down situations and may be performed on 1-4 spectators.

There is no sleight of hand needed and no memory work because Chris has literally thought of everything to make this effect easy enough that even an absolute beginner could perform it in just a few minutes.

Conopoly is a great effect, with a fantastic method, a fun premise and a killer payoff!

Inside the time you get everything you need to perform the effect, including

The custom designed and printed property cards

The custom play money

Four metal game tokens

and a link to a full tutorial video to get you performing Conopoly in minutes!

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