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Cradle To Grave DVD
by De'vo

De'vo's underground card material has been talked about all over the world. Some of his moves have become legendary in the world of visual card manipulation. The Cradle to Grave DVD is the first publicly released product from De'vo. All of his previous material was kept in small circles and extremely limited. The first run of this DVD was sold out in a manner of weeks and received rave reviews from around the globe. Step into De'vo's world to experience and learn visual card manipulation like never before!


De'vo's Cradle to Grave Routine - This is just incredible! Worth the entire price of the DVD by itself! It's a complete routine that must be seen to be believed. There are several flourishes involved with the routine, an opener, cuts, a closer, bluff opener, pop moves etc.... We can't go into too much detail to protect the underground nature of the routine. This routine will destroy your audiences, laymen and magicians alike. Never before has concepts such as the ones used in the CTG ever been done before! De'vo has gone to great lengths to keep this underground and continues to do so. Anyone even thinking that this may not be for them should pass this on by, anyone even thinking that they may not like XCM just keep on walking, we would prefer that only xtreme artists or those that are interested in xtreme card manipulation purchase this DVD to help preserve De'vo's material.

Flipback - Deck travels to the back of your hand in a flash. EASY, visual, and a great stepping stone to many more difficult stunts.

Flipback vanish - A packet vanish from the BACK of your hand! One of the cleanest most visual packet vanishes ever! See it on the trailers!

Flipback Fan - The most uniquely formed fans ever! The first you see this you will be blown away. See it in the trailer!

Birdy Fan - This is just AWESOME! The first time you do it you will be showing everyone. Very simple to do, and very cool. Can be used as a floating fan, or a stepping stone.

Smooth Opener - An unreal way to remove the deck from the box. -see it in the trailers.

BONUS - Heaven Display - another underground masterpiece from De'vo. When the pros first heard about this, none of them believed it could be done. NOW learn the easy method for accomplishing this legendary move.

Running Time Approximately 1hr 16min

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