Crazy Sam's Solve
Crazy Sam's Solve
Crazy Sam's Solve
Crazy Sam's Solve
Crazy Sam's Solve
Crazy Sam's Solve

Crazy Sam's Solve

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Welcome to Crazy Sam's SOLVE!

This project is the encyclopedia of Cube Solves by one of the most talked-about magicians, Sam Huang (creator of Crazy Sam's Handcuff, Crazy Sam's Finger Ring). In this project, you will learn all of his incredible breakthroughs in instant cube solve. It looks unbelievably like CGI special effects (you have to check out the trailer to believe it!).

The most amazing thing about it is that all of these can be performed live for real people, and they can be done with pure sleight of hand.

In this project, you will learn incredible techniques such as the expansion solve, show solve, drop solve, blow solve, flick solve, lock solve, shadow solve, switch solve, blur solve... all his breakthrough concepts and so much more. Imagine solving cubes simply by flicking your fingers, turning them on/off like a switch, or just by passing the cube through the shadow of your hand. You can even solve it gradually, observing the colors slowly expanding on one side until the entire cube is solved! And guess what... You can even solve it while the spectator is holding the cube!

To enhance your learning experience, an RD regular cube is included with this project. Don't miss out on the opportunity to elevate your cube magic. Get it now and unlock the secrets of Crazy Sam's SOLVE!

What you will receive:

  • 9 amazing cube solves
  • 1 hour of detailed explanations
  • Multiple concepts that you can apply to your existing techniques
  • A complete one cube routine
  • Subtitles available in English, Chinese, Japanese, and Spanish
  • RD regular cube (The perfect cube for performing cube magic), which is compatible with all Henry Harrius cube gimmicks

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