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Dean's Box
Dean's Box
Dean's Box

Dean's Box

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Dean’s Box is a wonderful grand illusion in a portable design, perfect for close-up or parlor magic. This apparatus will allow you to perform a puzzling feat of magic that will leave your audience spellbound. 

For the last decade, Dean’s Box has become a classic portable illusion performed by many magicians worldwide, and one of the most pirated items in magic. Do not accept a rip off – be a proud owner of an all-new, original Dean’s Box.

In 2020, Nielsen Magic officially purchased the rights to the manufacturing and sale of this fine piece of apparatus.

The new version is officially called the “Dill-Nielsen Dean’s Box” and this is the only authorized version available on the market.
This new and improved version has the following details and improvements in the construction:

  • – The box is completely handcrafted by magic artisan, Lupe Nielsen.
  • – The box is made out of walnut, with close attention being paid to the direction of the grain of the wood, and the bottom of the box – which floats instead of being glued in place.
  • – A lot of care is involved in finishing the box. By handcrafting it, attention is being paid to the color match of the wood.
  • – The curtains are screwed in place.
  • – One of the “secret moves” can be performed left or right handed.
  • – The box has a knob in the front, which allows for an easier handling.
  • – The main hinges are mortised in the box.

You can follow Lupe as she builds this fine magical apparatus. Videos of the “Making of the Dill-Nielsen Dean’s Box” have been posted on Instagram (@nnmagic.lupe ) and on the Nielsen Magic Facebook page.

Here is the magic effect of the Dean’s Box as described by reviewer Mike Close:

“Dean performed this effect for me at the Magic Castle, and I’m glad I saw him do it, because a description does not do this trick justice. Dean brought a beautiful cherrywood box, measuring 7 inches on a side. The entire front surface of the box is a hinged door that can be opened, allowing a complete view of the interior of the box. On either side of the box are two circular openings. Each of these openings is covered with a little curtain that opens in the middle. This allows objects to be inserted into the box, but does not allow spectators to look into the box from the side. On top of the box is a small, circular trapdoor. On either side of this little door are two notches. These notches allow loops of rope to protrude from the top of the box. Now that you have a general idea of how the box looks, here’s what happens. 

“Dean brings out two pieces of rope – a white rope and a red rope. The ropes and the box can be thoroughly examined. The box is closed. Dean makes a loop in each of the ropes and holds a rope in each hand. The hands enter the box through the side holes. The ends of the ropes are in view the entire time. Dean pokes open the trapdoor in the top and then removes his right hand from the box. His right hand grabs the loops of rope and brings them up through the trapdoor. The trapdoor is closed. The ropes are trapped in the notches, and the centers of the ropes are concealed within Dean’s right hand. Even though the ends of the ropes were in full view the entire time, when Dean opens his hand it is seen that the ropes are now linked together. Grabbing a rope in each hand, the ropes are withdrawn through the top of the box. The ropes are genuinely linked together and can be examined. 

“In phase two of the routine the ropes link a second time, under even more impossible conditions. In phase three of the routine, a 2-inch diameter ring links itself to a rope, even though the ends of the rope are in view the entire time. (This final phase has an added auditory aspect. Dean shows the ring in his right hand. The hand briefly enters the box through the right-hand hole. You hear the ring hit the inside of the box. The box is immediately opened and the ring is on the rope.) 

“As I mentioned at the beginning of this review, a description does not begin to do justice to how baffling this trick is. I knew how the first phase worked, but phases two and three completely nailed me. When you add in the fact that all the props can be thoroughly examined before and after the trick, you have a routine that is going to bother people for a very long time. 

“I think Dean’s Box is terrific. It is rare for me to be fooled by a trick, and this trick completely fooled me twice. Even if performed with a pedestrian presentation, it would be an amazing mystery. Cloak this trick with a dramatic presentation and you’ve got something that people will remember.” – Michael Close 


“Wow, that’s real magic! Unconditionally recommended. You’ll love it.” – Mark Wilson

“This is truly an amazing effect, and it’s really spooky.” – T. C. Tahoe 

“Dean’s Box is loaded with secrets that would make Pandora jealous. Buy it, use it, write it off your taxes.” – Pat Hazell 

“This was the best trick by far, at the May 2000 A1 Convention this year. Dean’s Box fooled me badly.” – Martin Lewis 

“I loved your box – it’s one of the most magical experiences I’ve had in a long, long time. Oh, and by the way, it fooled me badly! This quote sums up my experience; use it if you like… ‘It’s thrills and chills to witness Dean’s Box. Your imagination soars as increasingly strange things take place inside of the miniature spirit cabinet.’” – John Kennedy 

“It hurts to be fooled that bad.” – Tony Clark 

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