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A Blackpool Magic Convention 2024 sell out that made Nick Einhorn say “That is the best use of that principle I have ever seen!”

Mark Elsdon said This is one of the most unique releases I've seen in a long time, and I absolutely love it."

And Drew Backenstoss said You are gifting the community with the complete package.”

DECLASSIFIED is a unique, special, logical, enticing, compelling, impossible, mysterious and amazing thought experiment.

Here’s what happens: you introduce an intriguing object that contains an incredible, unbelievable and amazing true story. Then you recreate an impossible event from that story ending with you being able to know an image that your spectator doesn't even draw, they only imagine. It will really feel and look like they create the image by themselves in their head.

This might just be the most memorable sequence of mind reading that you can share with your friends and audiences. This is perfect one on one, for small groups or large audiences.

DECLASSIFIED is so easy to perform, so deceptive and so amazing and best of all: the story you share is completely real yet totally unbelievable.

You will receive a high end, custom manufactured and hand assembled prop that does all the work for you and is 100% reliable. Each unit is quality checked and personally hand finished by me.

This special prop enhances the story dramatically whilst invisibly housing an amazing secret allowing you to recreate literal C.I.A test conditions.

DECLASSIFIED works in any language, anywhere in the world.

What the pro’s are saying:

You are gifting the community with the complete package: an excellently produced prop, a wonderfully direct and reliable method, an instantly intriguing premise, the perfect justification for every beat of the handling, and a powerful moment of mind reading. DaVinci’s apocryphal quote comes to mind: “Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.” Exquisite work Chris!.” - Drew Backenstoss
“That is the best use of that principle I have ever seen!” - Nick Einhorn
"Stunning mindreading based on an incredible story that really happened, meaning that the effect and presentation are truly memorable. The prop is brilliantly simple and yet utterly convincing, and I can only imagine how many hours work Chris put into creating and developing it. It allows you to recreate an impossible event that will fool anyone. This is one of the most unique releases I've seen in a long time, and I absolutely love it." - Mark Elsdon
Chris Rawlins is truly amazing, I have seen hundreds of Mentalists but Chris definitely stands out!” - Uri Geller

The 75 minute tutorial leaves no stone unturned and includes real live performance of DECLASSIFIED.

Also included is a rapid fire bonus section where Chris shares further possibilities with this amazing release.

Watch a full performance: 

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