Demi Deck
Demi Deck
Demi Deck

Demi Deck

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"How utterly fooling. I haven't got a clue. You are brilliant! Well done!"
Derren Brown

"Angelo Carbone is one of the most clever creators of magic I know. You will appreciate this trick even more once you see the uncompromising attention to detail that Angelo has put into this creation. It's Incredible!"
Asi Wind

"When Angelo Carbone releases a new effect the magic world stands up and cheers, and Demi Deck is an excellent example of the reason why. This is brilliant!"
David Regal

Stage illusions are distinct from all other types of magic...They are larger-than-life exhibitions of our will to accomplish the impossible. But to maintain that illusion, the audience must view it at a considerable distance. Angelo Carbone's brilliant mind brings the grandest of stage illusions - cutting a person in half - to the palm of your hand, with Demi Deck.

Imagine taking an ordinary deck of cards, putting it inside the case, and with a slice of the blade you cut the deck in half, showing both ends. Then with a few kind words, magically heal the deck back together. Use this as an opener, in the middle of your set, or as a show-stopping closer.

  • Use any normal deck
  • Includes multiple routines
  • Magician fooler
  • Easy to learn
  • No switches of any kind
  • Completely self-contained
After 17 years of perfecting the design, award-winning magician Angelo Carbone is finally ready to open the curtains and reveal his latest masterwork, welcome to Demi Deck.

"My brain opened like Demi Deck when Angelo showed me this in front of my eyes!"
Tobias Dostal

"Absolutely fooled me and it plays like a grand illusion."
Lisa Menna

"Just incredible, one of the most impressive big illusions [to fit] into your pocket! David Copperfield will be jealous!"
Mickael Chatelain

"You can put Demi Deck in the "Fooled me badly" pile. It's the only pile I have for Angelo."
Jon Allen

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