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Fasten your seatbelt. You are travelling to a special province in the world of magic: Self-working card magic. Deceptive, automatic, and turbo-charged.

Join John Bannon on a twenty-five stop wide-ranging tour of self-working card magic. Not your typical non-sleight-of-hand tricks, Bannon has thoroughly analyzed these effects and backed up subtle principles with the careful, layered construction he is known for.

Anyone can cobble together a couple of principles and call it a “trick.” Bannon looks for synergies and leverages the method as much as possible. His objective: “One plus one should equal three—or more. Otherwise, why bother?”

You get the trick and you get Bannon talking about the trick, all in his precise, but easy-to-read style. The perfect travel companion on this exciting journey.

All with regular cards, without gaffs, crimps, pencil dots, “punches,” or marks. These highly-refined constructions will change the way you think about self-working card magic.

It’s not just the destination, it’s the journey. Enjoy the ride. Let's roll ...


Bluff Oracle Aces I: Free cut finds four Aces.
Bluff Oracle Aces II: 
Performer cuts to an Ace; the Participant finds the other three.
A card discovery and a secret cull.
Petal To The Metal: 
Participant divines the identity of a predicted card.
Four-Sided Gemini: 
Brand new Gemini Twins variation. Seriously.
Cameron Francis’ “Annihilation Deck”—without the deck.
The Diary trick—without the Diary.
Prophet Motive: 
Participant shuffles and deals. The prediction cannot be explained.
The Thirty-Second Sense: 
Pocket change misses, then finds the participant’s mental selection.
Two Queens trap a mental selection.
Second Reckoning: 
Mental selection is mentally spelled to…and found.
Performer predicts that participant will miss the target card and by exactly how much.
Tiny Contrary Killer: 
Participants select a card and think of one. Both have been predicted—sort of.
Participant freely cuts, deals, and stops at a particular card. The performer has predicted it.
Cross Purposes: 
Mentally-selected card at a chosen number.
Sort Of Psychic: 
After a few warm-up exercises, the participant cuts to her genuinely thought-of card.
Origami Poker Revisited: 
Fast fold finds (Royal) flush. From High Caliber.
Box Of Doom: 
Einstein would not have stood a chance.
Free Willy: 
Participant shuffles, cuts, makes a few free choices. Esmeralda knows.
Performer and Participant each shuffle and cut—and find matching cards. The three digit number has been predicted.
The Koko Test: 
After a short pop psychology test, the Participant has cut to a subliminally-selected card.
Four freely selected cards match the States of four US quarters—sort of.
Any card is thought of. The performer commits to one card and removes it. Nailed it!
Depth Charge: 
Any card at any number—sort of.
Banco Bank Night Bonus: 
Over one million dollars at stake—really.

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