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Each donut is hand turned and hand-painted and drizzled with icing. We have spent a great deal of time and money to research the correct dyes and paints to make our donuts soft and pliable; with no cracking or splitting, etc.

Donuts squeeze down to a small ball yet they pop open immediately for a startling production. Great comedy, MC and clown gag item. May be vanished just as easily.

Basic instructions supplied as we are sure you will come up with your own great ideas such as Multiplying donuts; Color changing donuts; use in a chick pan; Floating donuts (these are super light-weight sponge); as a finale to your sponge ball routine and much more. Also, the production or vanish can be used as a running gag which is great fun. How about coughing up a donut or sneezing out a donut… the ideas are limitless.

Sold individually. No color preference available; shipped assorted ‘flavors’. Donuts measure approx. 4″ in diameter x 1 3/4″ high. Compress very small; easily thumb-palmed.

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