EDC Peek Wallet
EDC Peek Wallet
EDC Peek Wallet
EDC Peek Wallet
EDC Peek Wallet
EDC Peek Wallet
EDC Peek Wallet

EDC Peek Wallet

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The EDC Peek Wallet allows you to combine your Peek wallet WITH your actual phone...

Making one, sleek mentalism weapon. 

"Wow! A powerful, simple, practical tool I'll use to read minds". 
– Cyril Takayama
"EDC Peek is beautifully simple and perfectly invisible. Even those who avoid peek wallets will want this!"
- Chris Carter
"This is one of the most deceptive peek devices I’ve ever seen. Absolutely brilliant!"
– Marc Paul

Disguised as a normal-looking wallet for the back of your phone, the EDC Peek Wallet isn't just for iPhones.
The pre-adhesive layer allows you can stick it to the back of your Android devices too. Making it universal
The wallet is made from genuine leather and is approximately:
  • 67mm wide 
  • 95mm in length
  • + An impressively thin design of just 3mm. 

edc peek wallet sizes

"A really useful, always-with-you method for mental miracles."
– R. Paul Wilson
"This is the type of peek that I really enjoy. Well covered, simple and hidden in plain sight. I have no doubt it would go undetected and in the right hands… break brains!"
- Chris Rawlins
"Adrian Lacroix's EDC is a wallet-style peek for a walletless age. It's subtle, simple, and, most importantly, deceptive."
– Jared Kopf

Great Minds Think Alike: We'd like to acknowledge some independent creators that have contacted Ellusionist to say that they too, have explored the idea of the EDC Peek Wallet. So we want to give a shout-out to Remy Connor and Dani Marko.

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