El Hilo
El Hilo
El Hilo

El Hilo

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Gypsy Thread that will fool you... Even if you do Gypsy Thread


El Hilo (Spanish for 'The Thread') is the definitive way to perform the classic Gypsy Thread effect. First, you break a thread into many small pieces. Every piece is laid on the table, and the audience can see and even examine each piece if they like. The spectator can take all the pieces and roll them into a ball. Then, after showing your hands completely empty, you tease two ends out of the ball. After slowly pulling, the pieces all melt back together into one long strand. 

All of this happens under challenge conditions! 

But here’s the kicker… Once again the thread is rolled into a ball, only to disintegrate into nothing but dust.  

El Hilo comes with everything you need to get started, with a hand spun spools of specialty thread, crucial to a smooth, mind blowing performance + magic dust refills for a kicker ending that nobody can see coming.  

FISM Winner and Penn & Teller fooler Javi Benitez, will take you through an in-depth tutorial in his signature Spanish style, ensuring you have the guidance needed to pull off the smoothest gypsy thread routine the world has ever seen.

Even if you already do a version of Gypsy thread, you'll learn something here that you can add to your routine. Also, this is the absolute best thread for any handling of this effect that we've ever found. It's thick enough to be seen clearly, and yet it's soft enough that it breaks easily with a nice snap. 

Learn El Hilo TODAY.

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