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Encyclopedia of Dove Magic
by Marian Chavez

This REVISED VERSION of the famous Marian Chavez Encyclopedia of Dove Magic is for anyone who is into dove magic. It is a MUST!

There has never been a dove book released where every move in making a dove steal is described in detail. Here are the secrets the masters - enough information is here to make it worthy of the name "Encyclopedia."

Whether you are interested in apparatus or pure sleight-of-hand, this is the volume to own. In completely revising the 1968 edition, Tannen's Magic has compiled new material which will significantly increase the value of this great volume and Dave Mack has edited the volume from front to back to make it consistent in its approach and easy-to-read throughout.

One new chapter alone on the "Care, Feeding, and Training of Doves" by Tony Cee (noted bird fancier), makes this an outstanding buy. There is a Foreword to the original edition by Channing Pollock and a Foreword to this Revised Edition by Dale Salwak.

A partial list of the Table of Contents includes: The Dove Workers Assistant, The Audience, How to Get Applause, Presentation, Tinting the Dove, Dove Harnesses and Holders, Displaying Your Doves, general dove effects, dove productions, box magic for doves, and the list goes on.

There are also new chapters by Joe Wierzbicki, Steve Rodman, Neil Foster and Lee Grey, Photographs of your favorite performers abound for your added enjoyment of this marvelous phase of magical entertainment. The original drawings have been completely redone by our staff to provide consistent quality throughout; the type has been reset in a modern readable face by Dave Mack - all to provide you with a beautiful addition to your library. Now, for the REAL SURPRISE!

As I all we have already told you were not enough to make it worth far more than the retail price ... we have been holding back the best for last!

The final chapter is worth FAR MORE THAN THE PRICE OF THE BOOK! SLYDINI has the final chapter! Most magicians do not realize that, although Slydini does not perform dove magic publicly, he is the creator of many of the finest dove effects and methods currently used by the top professionals in magic. Many of your favorite artists have studied dove magic privately with Slydini over the years. Now, for the first time. Slydini is releasing one of his methods for stealing a dove and is also including an excellent dove holder! Anyone who knows the seemingly infinite knowledge and resourcefulness of Slydini will rush to purchase the volume on the strength of this one chapter alone.

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