Excellence in Family Magic by Scott Green - Book

Excellence in Family Magic

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Teller has your book, Scott. Excellence in Family Magic. He loves it. He was just telling me how great it was. He was raving about it. Good book!
- Penn Jillette, on "Fool Us"

An easy-to-read, easy-to-understand master course in performing magic for all-ages audiences. Learn the real secrets of how to write better routines, get your audiences to behave, and handle the business side of things.

Packed with more than 20 original routines, many for props you already own.

"Scott Green is a very clever, funny performer. In Excellence In Family Magic, you'll learn his effective strategies for writing, selling, and performing magic that will amaze and amuse the kids and entertain their parents. Recommended."
- Tom Frame, Genii Magazine review

"A wealth of information about how to be a working performer... There is a lot in this book, but you will go through it easily because the book is funny. It is written for you the adult, not for kids, and Green's humor is directed to you in a way that will keep you reading."
- Jim Kleefeld, M-U-M Magazine review

"As fun to read as it was informative and inspirational. Highly recommended!"
- Skip Way, Kidabra Journal review

"Scott Green is a great new voice in magic for children. I enjoyed reading this book and I know you will too."
- From the Foreword by David Kaye

"Scott Green is forging new territory in the world of children's entertainment. I don't care if you're a beginner or a lifelong pro, you will learn from Scott's approach to the art form. You'll start applying his ideas to your very next show (if not, you're just plain crazy)."
- Christopher T. Magician

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