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Force of Thought
by Charlie Reynolds

As used by David Blaine and Criss Angel on recent T.V. specials.

This unique deck was created by Charles Reynolds and is a superb mind reading effect.

The performer fans the deck showing the faces and backs of the cards. He asks a spectator to simply mentally select a card as the various cards are riffled in front of him. The performer does the same to a second spectator (they never touch the cards, and a word is never spoken).

Now the performer simply stares into the face of the spectator and names his card without a word being spoken by the spectator. Nothing written down, etc.

He addresses the second spectator and calls attention to a business card resting on the table. The spectator turns the card over, and there written in bold print is his mentally selected card!

As if this isn't enough, imagine going to different parts of your audience and simply riffling cards in front of a spectator. He mentally selects a card. You go to another spectator and do the same, then three more. Now you call out various cards asking the spectators to sit down if they hear their card named.. you guessed it! They all sit down!

Charles Reynolds gives you a great effect complete with detailed instructions. A never-fail, super effect.

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