Fragment by Michael Murray - DVD


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"Nice to see an effect that is not only a real magician fooler but also totally designed for real-world performing too!"
- Jamie Daws

Best of all, there are no gaffs or gimmicks in play and since it requires no set-up, it can be performed at any time with a shuffled deck in use. Oh, we should also mention that this is very easy to perform too!

There has been a lot of buzz on Facebook these past few weeks regarding the impending release of Michael Murrays new 'ACAAN style' effect. After witnessing the effect in action Michael received the following messages:

"Wow, just wow!"
- Jamie Daws

"Holy f**k, that is incredible!"
- Joel Dickinson

"Mate that's genius!"
- Rus Andrews

- John Carey

"That's insane!"
- Mitchell Kettlewell

"You've had my head working overtime all night!"
- Stevo Watson

"That's impossible!! Take my money!!!"
- Nick Richmond

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