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A playing card is placed on the table, underneath a spectator's hand before they are asked to think of a playing card. They name it out loud and flip over the card, but it's not a match - the card under their hand is the Queen of Hearts. But when they look closer, they see that the queen is actually holding a card in her had - the exact card that they freely thought of!

Asi's in-depth explanation covers multiple versions of Gypsy Queen for different skill levels. It's the perfect walk-around trick since it resets instantly, it uses no table, and it's a unique effect that will leave people talking. You'll see multiple live, full length performances to see how Asi presents it in different circumstances.

You'll receive a gimmicked deck to perform this effect, as well as an extra deck of playing cards with matching backs. As soon as you purchase this, you'll have access to the instructional video in your Tannen's account.

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