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Hopping Half
by Johnson Products

The five gimmicked coins in the Hopping Half set have always represented one of the biggest values in magic. This version includes two Expanded Coins and a SUN & Moon set. Dozens of tricks can be performed by using these coins separately or you can put them all together and do the mind-boggling Hopping Half Routine!

Two coins are shown, a half dollar and an English penny. One of the coins is dropped into your pocket and it immediately reappears back in your hand! The other coin is placed in your pocket and it too hops back! The effect is repeated again and finally, when the poor spectator is about to give up, you open your hand and to his utter astonishment everything has vanished! With this beautiful set of coins the routine is simple to perform and when purchased as a set, represents a terrific value. These are world class machined coins!

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