Hot and Cold Pipes

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New, improved Version with real chromium plated Water Taps!

Many routines would be unthinkable these days without the “Pompom Prayer Stick”. Anyone who has shown them to an audience, knows how effective they are. And if the storyline fits, they make for great entertainment.

We have dug out this old idea and refined it technically, but given it a bizarre look, which captures everybody’s attention as soon as you produce it: The“Pompom Prayer Stick” take the form of pipe, with a water tap at each end and two rubber drain plugs.

The effect in brief: A short cord hangs from the left-hand end of the water pipe, a drain plug is attached to the bottom end of the cord. A bead is attached to the top end of the cord on the water pipe.
There is a long cord on the right, also with rubber plug and bead.
If the bead on the long cord is pulled upwards, the rubber plug hanging on its end follows the upward movement. This proves that the bead and rubber plug are connected together by the cord. Nothing happens at the short end.

When the magician pulls the plug at the short end, the cord gets longer and longer, while the plug at the other end moves upwards and its cord gets shorter. It’s obvious: The two drain plugs are connected. However, if the magician pulls the bead on the long cord upwards, it can be seen that the bead and the plug are connected. If the bead on the short cord is now pulled up, the plug with the long cord at the other side moves with it! Could it be that these two are connected crosswise?

Following the storyline, you keep up the game until the spectators are completely confused. In the end you pull the water pipe apart and show that there is absolutely no connection between the plugs. If the spectators haven’t had enough confusion, you simply reconnect the two halves of the water pipe and start the game from the beginning.

We supply the prop in a beautifully crafted version, the pipe is made of metal, of course. Typical for Future Magic, the functionality is excellent and very smooth.


About 25 years ago the late English magician Terry Seabrooke had the idea of fitting water taps to his Chinese sticks. And thus a new way of presenting the Chinese sticks was born. Unfortunately, the trick was unsuitable for the Chinese sticks because the water tapes made it difficult to hold them together. Boretti has transferred this idea to the “Pompom Prayer Stick” and the whole thing now works perfectly.

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