The New Jaks Wallet
The New Jaks Wallet
The New Jaks Wallet

The New Jaks Wallet

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A Tannen's Presentation. Designed by Gerard Kearney. Instruction by Magick Balay.

How can something carried in your pocket give you the ability to reach into a friend, coworker, or stranger’s mind and reveal their thoughts? A secret hidden in this wallet opens the door to creating the illusion of reading an audience’s mind like an open book. 

Magicians the world over consider the Jaks the greatest way to peek a spectator's thought. We at Tannen's are proud to present this stylish, modern update.
The peek is designed so that the mind reader can see the entire card, not just the center or a sliver. No need to rely on electronics, reflective devices, or sliding parts that may get stuck. Simplicity meets subtlety in the New Jaks Wallet, making for a wholly reliable, daringly deceptive, and completely easy-to-use gimmick. 

The New Jaks Wallet was made by magicians, for magicians, of the highest possible quality leather. A functional everyday wallet with a devastating peek. With space for more than 10+ business cards/credit cards, you'll always be ready to "perform in style". It is built to last and act as your everyday carry. The luxury leather is the highest quality we have ever seen in a magic prop, and the blue border stitching adds a level of sleek refinement.

Above all, you will read their mind. And there is nothing stronger than that.

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