Knack Magic Tricks
Knack Magic Tricks

Knack Magic Tricks

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From simple to advanced, and using household and inexpensive props, Knack Magic Tricks includes tricks using cards, coins, handkerchiefs, and fruit, as well as mental tricks, anytime tricks, standup tricks, and tricks especially for kids (to be performed both for them and by them).

Richard Kaufman made a name for himself in the magic both through is prodigious technical abilities and through his clear writing style. Over the years, magicians sought after his periodicals such as Genii and Richard's Almanac, and his numerous books stood out for their clarity and quality in teaching advanced close-up magic. In Knack Magic Tricks, Kaufman turns his attention to the beginner. Assuming no prior knowledge about magic, he starts from the ground up, including high-impact effects within the skill level of anyone with a desire to learn magic. Whether you're looking for clear instruction for beginning in magic, or you're an advanced magician seeking to brush up on the basics, you will find great tricks in this book that you'll be performing in no time.

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