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For those of you that couldn’t attend the prestigious Mind Summit 2015, in Cologne Germany – we have your back! We really want to thank both Richard Webster and Neal Scryer. They hadn’t anticipated offering these notes to anyone other then those that attended. But they also understood that it’s not easy for everyone that wants to go, to do so. Also, the price of these lectures notes are very fair considering the content, quality of the printing job and costs and the fact that “Mainly Cards” features 28 pages and 9 effects

Included within are:

  • The Girl In The Painting
  • Mentalism and Playing Cards
  • 21 ESP Card Test
  • As Fair as Possible
  • Especial Coincidence
  • Thoughts on the Birthday Card Trick
  • The Story Deck
  • Business Cards
  • Rubik’s Cube

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