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Mainly Mental #1
by C.L. Boarde

This compilation on billet work won many awards and accolades when first issued. Serious mentalists regard the use of billets as one of their strongest performance tools.

Considered the finest book on billet work ever published, Mainly Mental covers "The Steal" (billet switches and related techniques), "The Read" (secretly reading the information), "The Spiel" (effective ways to reveal information), and "Subsidiary Techniques (indexes, nail and pocket writing, etc.) Also included are presentations, 28 effects in all including Q&A, Living & Dead Tests, Name Duplications, Predictions, etc...

Now you can possess the techniques used to create both formal performance pieces by professionals, and powerful impromptu presentations to build your reputation as one "who reads minds," anytime, anywhere! Spiral bound to lie flat, 73 illustrations and over 80 entries.

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