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Manipulation Cards: Nielsen (Flesh)
by Nielsen Magic

These cards make manipulation an even greater pleasure!

* The cards are printed on thin board stock, making the deck 1/3 thinner than a regular one.
* The pips are printed in all four corners (making it possible to fan with the right or the left hand).
* They have brown or flesh colored backs.
* They don't need breaking in.

These have been the standard for manipulators for years. Bridge size only. Used by Channing Pollock, Neil Foster, Johnny Hart, Dale Salwak, Goldfinger, Norm Nielsen and many more.

These special manipulation cards have fanning powder on the finish coating. Thereby, not requiring any initial powdering.

These are the answer to every manipulator's dream.

We do not recommend that you powder these when you first open them. Depending on how you use them they will eventually need powder.

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