Matrix Art (Red)

Matrix Art (Red)

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A trick so visual you won't believe it even when you see it!

After a card is selected and signed, you punch a hole in each corner with a hole punch. Then, you visibly cause each hole to migrate across the card. With no cover, the holes instantly jump back to where they were and you can give the card back. Throughout the entire effect, every hole is real and the audience can see straight through to the other side.

Michael Chatelain has devised a method that's even more impressive than this strong effect. Best of all, this trick is easy to do and takes almost no sleight of hand. Operating the gimmick is a breeze and you'll be performing this trick seconds after watching the instructions. Each gimmick is handmade and takes hours to make, and the result is one of the most diabolical gimmicks you will ever own.
Keep in mind the following:

  • The Matrix-Art card is a marvel of manufacturing, a true work of art, we can guarantee it!
  • No Flaps! The card is made to withstand professional and intensive use.
  • No complicated sleight. The routines on the video use only one basic sleight that you probably already do. And even if you don't, you can still make the holes jump around with no sleights at all.
  • No optical illusions! These are real holes, and at each step you can pass your hand behind to show that there is no illusion or black art. You can also perform this trick against any background.
  • The gimmicked card can be viewed from very close without the spectator detecting the gimmicks.
  • Instantly resets.

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