Mini Cube to Chocolate Project
Mini Cube to Chocolate Project

Mini Cube to Chocolate Project

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"I love this!" - Shin Lim

Instantly change a mini Rubik's Cube into dozens of M&M's!

Rubik's Cube magic is in style right now, and Henry Harrison is one of the biggest names in the genre. Every piece of magic he releases is professional quality, and his teaching is always thorough and clear. It's no wonder why his products have been used by professional and amateur magicians on TV, in viral videos, and in real-life performing situations.

The Mini Cube to Chocolate project isn't just one method for one trick. It's a collection of gimmicks and props to allow you to adapt this effect to wherever you happen to be performing. You'll learn a method that looks perfect on video, a self-contained method for walk-around performers, and even a completely self-working method that requires no skill at all!

Included in this project are two mini-cube gimmicks, fake mini M&M's (so you can keep this in your pocket on a hot day without anything melting), extra stickers, and a full length video explanation.

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