Mirage Coin Set Extreme (Half Dollar)
Mirage Coin Set Extreme (Half Dollar)
Mirage Coin Set (Dollar Size)

Mirage Coin Set Extreme (Half Dollar)

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A Master Set – A Master Class!  This is a bold statement – This is the only coin set you will ever need. It’s a complete master class! Whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned pro you, will be performing mind blowing coin magic in no time. Mix and match the effects on the video to create hard hitting sets.

‘The visuals you can create with this beautifully made coins set are truly only limited by your imagination’- John Carey

‘This is the most incredible coin set I have ever seen. Superb visuals and really stunning routines. This should be the coin set that every magician has in their pocket’ – Adam Wilber

‘Genius! From complete beginner to sleight master…this is every coin set you will ever need. Precision quality gaffs allowing for some insanely visual magic. Absolutely incredible’ – Matthew Wright

‘This set has become part of my EDC. The gaffs are stunning, the routines are jaw dropping, mind blowing , MCSX has got me excited about coin magic!’- Peter Nardi

15 years ago, Craig Petty created a coin set that took the magic world by storm. Its name was The Mirage Coin set and it opened the door to a whole host of visual and impossible looking coin routines. Not only this but most of the routines were so simple to perform that even a total newbie to coin magic could look like a seasoned pro in no time!

Unfortunately, this fantastic set of coins and the in-depth tutorial videos have been unavailable for over a decade but the set itself has never left Craig’s repertoire. He still uses them at every gig and over the years he has refined the routines and created a bunch more.

One of the comments we heard about the original set was the quality of the gaffs, so we went straight to the top and we are so happy we did. Each MCSX set is precision engineered by Roy Kueppers in his Las Vegas workshop. Roy is known around the world as one of the finest manufacturers in gaff coins and this set is beautiful.

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