Mother of All Book Tests (Hard Cover)
Mother of All Book Tests (Hard Cover)
Mother of All Book Tests (Hard Cover)
Mother of All Book Tests (Hard Cover)

Mother of All Book Tests (Hard Cover)

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 The Basic Effect

A spectator is invited to take a readable and examinable book, open it to any page, and to think of any word on that page.

The performer, without touching the book or approaching the spectator, reveals the word in the simplest, most startlingly direct manner ever! It truly has to be seen to be believed.

The ultimate any word on any page method. MOABT is so simple to perform, so direct, and so powerful. This is the book test a select group of professionals are using to amaze their audiences.

  • Can be performed for an audience of one to one thousand.
  • Close up, walk-around, stage, radio and TV.
  • Anytime, anywhere.
  • All pages different.
  • Nothing written down.
  • No stooges, no preparation, no counting, no gimmicks, no angles, no prompters, no peeks, no glimpses, no sleights, no anagrams, no forces, no short pages, NO KIDDING!

What’s new?

Larry Beckerʼs Flashback
Flashback principle incorporated, two types of book tests in one. 

MOAB Pocket Edition Text
The text from MOABT-PE is used in this edition.

Dust Jacket

Matte textured; new book title.

Larger text (12-point size)

Much easier to read, especially in low light situations, and when performing for older volunteers that may have reading difficulties. Note that while it uses the text from MOABT-PE, the font size is larger in this hardcover edition.

Eye-friendly layout

Pages have more line spacing, larger margins, a new wider font, and long words spaced out at regular intervals that make it easier for spectators to locate.

Lower price

Previous edition: $350.00
New edition: $199.00

What’s not new?

Itʼs still a hardcover

This allows you to go to your local bookstore and purchase similar size books and swap the MOABT with a different cover, if you desire.

Long word list

Same long word list as the original version and MOABT-PE. So if you already perform these versions there is nothing new to memorize.

Classic printing/bindery

This is NOT a print-on-demand book. It’s a traditional hardbound book, produced the traditional way, on a printing press. Premium quality hardcase board and linen textured cloth. 

Casebound Smyth signatures are sewn together with thread linked by stitching on the back of the fold and through the center fold of each signature; glue is then applied on the outer spine of the book block permitting the book to open flat. Pages are a heavier
weight 60# natural (cream) color. Translation: Built to last.

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