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My Best
by J.G. Thompson

The pages of this book contain the best tricks from the best brains in magic - not just any effects, but the best and most jealously guarded originations of over 100 magicians. A compilation consisting of 193 tricks in all branches of magic, contributed by 115 well known professionals as well as amateurs.


Chapter 1: Discoveries & Revelations. 21 Effects.

  • The Card Between: Bobo. A card is selected and returned. Two ared are turned face up, the selected card appears between them.
  • Dick Tracy Card Trick: Clyde Carny. A card is selected and returned. Five cards are pulled off, the third card appears to be the selected card, but it turns out to be the fifth.
  • Kolar Card: J.J. Kolar. Fake card with 1/2 circle, tape and ribbon pulls card out of middle of deck.
  • Are You Sure?: Paul Morris. Four jacks are found, but not selected. Then it is discovered among the Jacks.
  • Alternative Terminations: Charles Nyquist
  • Well, Well! Ned Rutledge. Ace of spades locates a card after an apparent miss.Uses 1 rough & smooth, 1 double side

Chapter 2: Cards In Motion

  • A. Transpositions
  • Saturn's Card Transposition: Harlan Tarbell. Card changes under rubber banded deck
  • Parade of the Lamas: Bruce Elliot. 3 Jokers placed down, tapped with others. They move one at a time to other pile
  • B. Flying Pasteboards (card to wallet)
  • C. Rising Cards
  • The Impromptu Floating Card: Sid Fleishman and Bob Gunther. Balducci levitation for cards!
  • The JM Rising Card: Jack McMIllen

Chapter 3: Meeting of the Minds

  • Sensitive Fingers: Eugene Bernstein. 5 cards chosen by 3 spectators from 3 piles are revealed by the backs
  • Extra Joker Prediction: John Crimmins Jr. Uses dozen blank backed cards
  • Bi-Mentalism: Ronald Edwards. Svengali Deck. Written card winds up next to selected card
  • Silent Stop: Professor El-Tab. Deck split. 2 specatators pick card and exchange them; they are mixed in. Performer finds the cards.
  • DigiVision: Val Evans. 1 card is removed from the deck. The deck stays behind the magician's back, but the card is named.
  • In The Mind: Fetsch. Contains the The Fetsch Force
  • Spread, Shuffle, Spread: Martin Gardner. Split deck, but not apparent
  • Turnabout: Martin Gibson. Interesting red/blue pack discovery
  • Coincidence? No. Prevision? Yes: Geroge Kaplan. 2 card decks and one brainwave deck
  • PredictoPack: Orville Meyer. Blank back/blank face rough & smooth deck
  • The Mental Broadcast: Clayton Rawson. Good build up presentation for subtle discovery
  • Peek Deck: Dr. Franklin Taylor. Gimmick deck with 10 ideas

Chapter 4: Potpourri

  • Flighty Aces: Lu Brent: Good Switch A Roo trick
  • Hallucination: Eddie Clever. 4 cards in one, can't trust what you see
  • Telepathic Routine: Maury Kains. Comedy audience ESP
  • The King Can Do No Wrong: Gerald Kaufman. Interesting double faced card trick
  • The Four Burglars: Sid Lorraine. Needs top change and Erdnase diagonal palm shift

Chapter 5: Pocket Tricks

  • Strung: Joseph Barnett. Borrowed ring and prepared string trick
  • Ghost Coin & Key: Bobo. Coin changes to a key in the hands
  • Paper Napkin Vanish: R.C. Buff. Impromptu
  • Paper Money: Milbourne Christopher. Quick impromptu newspaper to dollar bill with coin wand.
  • IOU: Paul Curry. Cute flash paper coin transformation
  • Ring of Thoth: Nelson Hahne. Ring on handkerchief
  • A Hole in One: L. Vosburgh Lyons. 4 cards have hole punched, 3 are restored
  • Ghost Coins: George Starke. 5 coins soldered in open format
  • Horswagled: George Starke. Miscounted bills, close up
  • Materialization: Franklin Taylor. Folding Quarter in clothes pin
  • Double or Nothing: J.G. Thompson Jr. Good follow up to the above

Chapter 6: Tricks for the Home

  • Vanishing Salt Trick: Jack Chanin.
  • Marbles and Marvels: Stanley Collins. Marble manipulation with climax
  • The Morris Plan: Chester Morris. Folding 1/2 thru ring in hanky

Chapter 7: Tricks for Home and Stage

  • Paper Cone, Silk, & Water: Lu Brent: use Tarbell double cone, cup
  • A Ring in Transit: Eddie Clever
  • Magnetic Spheres: Mark Jacobs
  • The Rise and Fall of Pall Mall: Art Lyle
  • Linking Rings: Greer Marechal, Jr. A 4 (5) ring routine using one oversized ring.
  • Tear Supreme: Howard D. Wice. Torn & Restored magazine papers

Chapter 8: Stage Effects

  • Fountain of Silks: Franklin M. Chapman
  • A Flash Opener: Sid Lorraine
  • Windsor's Egg Bag Routine: Tommy Windsor
  • M.F. Zens Magic Table
  • Walk Thru Ribbon Illusion

Chapter 9: Biographical sketches of the contributors

380 pages, illustrations, Softcover.

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