One Hundred Years of Sawing
One Hundred Years of Sawing
One Hundred Years of Sawing
One Hundred Years of Sawing
One Hundred Years of Sawing

One Hundred Years of Sawing

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After spending fifty years collecting Sawing in Half memorabilia, and the past year and a half researching and writing this incredible story, I couldn’t be more excited for you to see the finished product.

Learn how this trick became the most popular attraction in all of show business and then turned into a war that was waged on vaudeville and music hall stages around the world by many of the most famous names in magic. It is a tale of inspired originality, blatant thievery, backstage intrigue, unbridled egos and endless lawsuits. It is an illusion that has never stopped being reinvented and continues to baffle modern-day audiences. To coincide with the 100th anniversary of its first public performance, We are releasing this comprehensive history of Sawing a Woman in Half in the quality you have come to expect from Magic Words.



“I just finished reading One Hundred Years of Sawing and had to write to tell you that I think it’s a masterpiece– absorbing from beginning to end, gorgeously illustrated and impressive in scope. It is obvious that you have spent a lifetime pursuing the story, and I am grateful that you have shared your journey with the rest of us.”
—Michael Claxton

“Sawing” is one of the most gorgeous, readable, well-researched, interesting, informative, and fun magic books ever published.”
—John Lovick

“I just finished reading every single word of Sawing. You’ve written some pretty amazing books, but this one may take the cake. It is absolutely brilliant and I could not put it down. I learned so much and was beyond entertained throughout. Thank you, thank you, thank you for devoting such a significant part of your life to creating this instant classic.”
— Andy Lansing

“The book is fabulous. There's never been one like it: the history of an effect, placed in historical context complete with biographies of those involved. One would not expect, for example, to find a thorough but concise expose' of the business end of vaudeville, but there it was. It takes a lot of work to produce 'effortless' prose, and you've mastered that. I also found something every two or three pages that made me laugh out loud. So, congratulations on a monumental achievement.”
—Martin Preston

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