Online Camp Intermediate Kit

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The tricks in this kit cover a wide range of effects, from card magic to mentalism, and from sponge balls to impromptu magic. When you’re known among your friends as a magician, it’s good to be prepared for all situations. When you’re asked to perform for children, sponge balls is one of the best bets to get a huge reaction. When performing for adults, tricks with mental or gaming themes, such as Three Card Monte or JuxtaPad tend to resonate stronger and capture interest. And for the times when you want to look completely unprepared for a show, linking mints or vanishing and reproducing some salt at the dinner table will allow you to perform magic anywhere, even when you’ve left your cards at home.


To guide you along through this, Magic Camp Counselor Jason Silberman will show you the real work behind many of these tricks. Besides just learning the tricks, you’ll learn how to perform for people and choose the right repertoire for your situation and audience.


The book we’ve included in this kit is one of the all-time best: Stars of Magic. This book is where you’ll learn the original - and often times best - handlings of classic tricks such as Triumph, Ambitious Card, Coins Through Table, Cups and Balls, Spellbound, The Watch Steal, and many more. The tricks in this book will require some practice, but they are some of the most effective tricks in magic all collected under one cover.


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