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A terrific effect, greatly improved by David Regal!

The routine:

• The performer displays an embossed leather passport case. If desired, it can be encircled with large rubber bands going in both directions.
• A card is selected.
• The spectator writes the name of a place he’d like to visit on the card (Paris, Rome, etc.)
• The card is returned to the deck.
• The performer picks up the passport case, waves it over the deck, and announces the name of the location the spectator chose.
• With empty hands, the performer takes the rubber bands off the leather case, and opens it – inside is a passport.
• Riffling through the passport pages, various stamps are seen… as well as a playing card stuck between the pages.
• The card is removed, and it proves to be the spectator’s freely chosen card, with their own handwriting on it.

How has Passport been improved?

• Passport (renewed) uses leather wallets are custom made and embossed for this effect. For this reason they now feature a more universal design.

• Passport (renewed) uses a different gimmick. With the permission of Alexander de Cova, we have changed one element of his gimmick in a way that allows for the mind reading phase of the Passport routine. It is this gimmick that is used for an automatic control of the card and palm-free transfer of the card to the leather case.

• Passport (renewed) has a new handling. Thanks to suggestions from magician Bizzaro, the Passport routine can now be done at chest-height, making it perfect for parlor and stage as well as close-up and walk-around.

• Passport (renewed) is even easier to reset. As you place the props away, you are setting up for your nest performance!

Although Passport (Renewed) has indeed been improved from the original Passport, the central idea remains the same – to provide a presentational framework for the card-to-wallet plot. When we travel in life, we’ll use a passport to go from one place to another. So why not incorporate the concept of a passport when a selected card is magically transported from one place to another?

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