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A terrific effect, greatly improved by David Regal!

The routine:

• The performer displays an embossed leather passport case. If desired, it can be encircled with large rubber bands going in both directions.
• A card is selected.
• The spectator writes the name of a place he’d like to visit on the card (Paris, Rome, etc.) while the performer's back is turned
• The card is returned to the deck.
• The performer picks up the passport case, waves it over the deck, and correctly identifies the city the spectator is thinking of
• With empty hands, the performer takes the rubber bands off the leather case, and opens it – inside is a passport.
• Riffling through the passport pages, various stamps are seen… as well as a playing card stuck between the pages.
• The card is removed, and it proves to be the spectator’s freely chosen card, with their own handwriting on it.

Passport Renewed uses a completely new gimmick to accomplish this plot, and this new method gives the performer several advantages:


  • Passport Renewed requires no palming, and the performer's hands are empty while they open the wallet.
  • It resets instantly as you put the wallet back in your pocket
  • This is a completely new gimmick that has a peek-wallet function built into the routine.
  • Because the audience thinks the effect is over after you reveal the city, they'll be even more surprised when their card comes out of the passport.
  • A chest-level handling is taught, making this routine work well for parlor performances as well as close-up situations.

Passport Renewed gives you a strong and logical presentation to combine two of the most powerful plots in magic: the signed card to wallet and revealing a thought of city. When we travel in life, we’ll use a passport to go from one place to another. So why not incorporate the concept of a passport when a selected card is magically transported from one place to another?

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