Perro Verde
Perro Verde

Perro Verde

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Note: this trick only comes in Phoenix Backs, not Bicycle

The Card-Warp, reinvented by the crazy mind of Spanish FISM Award Winner Mario Lopez

The Spanish Expression: "Más raro que un perro verde" means: "Weirder than a Green Dog". And that is exactly what Mario Lopez created: the Weirdest Optical Unusuality you have ever seen!

The Warped mind of Mario Lopez has pumped steroids into the ageless classic by Roy Walton.

"Perro Verde" begins with the two folded cards a la "Card Warp" and one reverses itself several times while passing through the other. That is where the similarity ends.

You not only show the card full front and full back right after each Warp, but now the back changes colors! Not once but THREE times!
From Red to Blue; from Blue to Green; and Green back to Red.

And get this…"No Torn Card!"

This is truly a visual impossibility your spectators will talk about.

The Specially Printed Gimmick does all the work for you!

Comes with english Video Instructions.

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