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What you’ll get is not one but two marked PLF Picturecard Stacks.  Why two?  To enable you to deploy maximum invisibility of the markings.  Although the marking system on both is essentially the same, one set is slightly less obvious than the other. You can use the more subtle deck for close-up and in environments with good light conditions.  The clearer, bolder version is better for low-light conditions or for stage work (with a larger distance between you, the cards and the audience).  We think you will enjoy having the choice of deck to suit your performing conditions.



In addition to the decks you also get a 50 page booklet, Ignis Fatuuswhich explains the PLF Picturecard Marking System and its applications in detail.  It provides you with a detailed discussion on the psychology of pattern recognition and explains how to learn the markings in the fastest and most permanent way.  In addition to this it gives you tips on ways to undetectably peek the markings and techniques to cover the glimpse.



The combined Ignis Fatuus and marked PLF Picturecard Stack set is the ultimate addition for all PLF Picturecard Stack workers.


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