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The definitive guide to P.K. Mentalism. 

A book written by Peter Turner, with contributions from Banachek, Lewis Le Val, Colin McLeod, Mark Lemon, Matt Mello & many more.


The art of P.K. (Psychokinesis) is the action of mind on matter, in which objects are supposedly caused to move or change as a result of mental concentration upon them. 

In this pocket-sized book, Peter Turner has collected contributions from the World's best mentalists 

Inside you'll find effects and contributions from: 

  • Peter Turner 
  • Lewis Le Val
  • Jamie Daws
  • Colin McLeod
  • Mark Lemon
  • Banacheck 
  • Ormand McGill
  • Matt Mello
  • Morgan Strebler 
  • Jerome Francais 
  • Paul Brook
  • Brandon Queen 
  • & Patrick G. Redford 

In this book you'll learn over 24 effects + bonus ideas, theory and nuances to give you a full treatise on PK mentalism. Including: 

  • Midas Touch by Peter Turner
  • Sdrawkcab by Peter Turner
  • Additional ideas on whispers 
  • Do as I do voodoo by Peter Turner 
  • Writer's block by Peter Turner 
  • Give me your foot... No, the clean one! by Mark Lemon
  • Clever Clogs by Mark Lemon 
  • Long Distance Call by Peter Turner 
  • Triggered Thought by Lewis Le Val 
  • The Bell Ending by Colin McLeod 
  • Speechless by Colin McLeod 
  • Who Knew? by Peter Turner 
  • Distant Magnetic Force by Ormand McGill 
  • The Imaginary Ball by Matt Mello 
  • PK Force by Jamie Daws 
  • Too Hot to Handle by Peter Turner 
  • Connected by Jermoe Francais 
  • Touché by Paul Brook 
  • Connections by Brandon Queen 
  • Kenton's Philosophies by Kenton Knepper 
  • Off the top of your head & other techniques by Patrick Redford 
  • United by Peter Turner 
  • Taste Conditions by Morgan Strebler 
  • Force be with you by Colin McLeod 
  • Final Thoughts by Peter Turner 
  • + Special Bonus for those who read to the end.

Many of the effects listed by contributors also have additional thoughts and presentations added by Peter Turner himself. 

Whether you're new to this effect or you've been performing this for years, you'll get something useful from this book that you can apply to your own performances.

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