Rainbow Card Project
Rainbow Card Project

Rainbow Card Project

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The Rainbow Card allows you to make a card appear in your wallet before it's even been selected!

You start by showing your wallet empty, and taking a picture of your spectator holding your empty wallet on their own phone. Then, they pick a card, it vanishes from the deck, and appears in the wallet that they just held. But what takes this from an average card trick to a miracle is that when they check the photo of them holding the empty wallet, they now see that the card they picked was in the wallet in the actual photo!

This package includes one Rainbow Card (the gimmick for making the card appear in the photo), one Modern Z Wallet 2.0 (The perfect wallet for the trick that contains a multitude of gimmicks), and several instructional videos. The gimmicks do all the work for you; this is a professional quality trick that can be learned by even beginners in a matter of minutes.

In addition to the routine in the video above, the Modern Z Wallet can be used as a switch wallet, out to lunch wallet, and a peek wallet, and the tutorial video from Patrick Kun teaches all of these features within in-depth routines.

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