The Ultimate Vanishing Bottle (Coke)
The Ultimate Vanishing Bottle (Coke)
The Ultimate Vanishing Bottle (Coke)

The Ultimate Vanishing Bottle (Coke)

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As many of you know, Nielsen was the creator of the best vanishing bottles for many decades, until they stopped making these bottles a few years ago. Henry Harrius stepped in a couple of years ago by making Refilled, which received rave reviews from professional magicians - many called it the highest quality vanishing bottle ever made, and it came with a killer new routine. Ever since Refilled came out, people have been asking for an option of a non-alcoholic drink so that they can use it in shows for family audiences.

Nielsen and Harrius have now teamed up to present The Ultimate Vanishing Bottle, Coke Version. These bottles are the exact same height and size as the Mexican Coke Bottles, which are far more widely available in grocery stores and bodegas than the shorter American bottles that Nielsen used to make. It's a classic bottle that everyone recognizes, and this is sure to become a staple routine in the shows of many professional magicians.

Whether you want to perform the classic vanishing bottle, or Henry Harrius' Refilled routine, this prop will allow you to perform one of the easiest, highest-impact parlor or stage comedy magic routines without any sleight of hand required.

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